Why Choose Google Pay at Online Casinos?

A lot of online casinos, even when catering to an Indian audience, have payment methods that can be confusing, especially for new players. Though hardened players often prefer international e-money transfer systems such as Neteller or Skrill, they can be cumbersome and confusing if you are playing casually. So New and casual players are often searching for payment options that they already use and are also easy, reliable, and safe. This is where GPay comes to the rescue. Already used in over 70 countries, Google Pay is a well-known payment gateway that is now being adopted by many Casinos. As long as your card or bank can operate internationally, you can send money from India to multiple countries. What It all boils down to is this- by making direct bank payments through Gpay, players are not necessitated to upload their private payment details onto unreliable websites.

For Indian players, Google Pay is the digital payment mode they are the most familiar with since it is an app used widely for daily payments. It is also a fairly straightforward app that facilitates online payments and doesn’t require lengthy KYC verifications.. Not only that, it is an incredibly safe platform to use for payments. In fact, it is safer to use GPay than using other modes of payments since merchants, casinos, or 3rd party wallets do not save your information in any cloud, therefore making it easier to keep fraudulent payments at bay. Moreover, GPay requires unique pin codes and biometric scans in order for payments to be made, thereby ensuring that you are making the payments you want.

Perhaps one of the best parts of GPay is that you also get to see the whole amount you need to pay before you make the payment so that even if there are taxes or hidden extra costs it will come up on the screen before you make the payment along with the name of the merchant. Moreover, you can tag each payment making it easier for you to sort your bills and costs, therefore keeping you aware of your budget concerns. So when you are making deposits for a casino, especially as a new or casual player, your best bet is to be using Google Pay. It keeps your information private, thus giving you peace of mind while distilling normally complicated international payments into simple steps.

Pros and Cons of using GPay for Online Casinos


  • Instant deposits

No other payment method works as fast as GPay. Other gateways such as Netteler can even take up to 3 days for transfer of funds, eating into your time to play. Moreover, since there is usually a time limit on the welcome bonus-aka the free money casinos offer to new players, you can actually stand to lose a lot if you take too long to deposit your first amount. With most other international transfers, there is also the added hassle of creating a new account which usually takes a while. GPay, on the other hand, is probably already set up on your phone. Even if it isn’t, it takes practically a few seconds to set up a new account as long as you have a bank account that accepts international transactions.

  • Safety

 First off, GPay uses the same security as online banks. They encrypt your data so that it is never revealed even as you pay at a website you don’t know too well. Google uses a different, virtual number to help you complete your transactions- meaning merchants never get to see your real credentials or numbers. Secondly, for websites that are infected with viruses and malware even, since payments are done from a different app with its own in-built security features such as biometrics, your chances of getting your information stolen is much less than traditional methods. Paying through your cards would mean having to log in your information on casino websites, which might not always be the safest, and are always vulnerable to breaches. Online wallets require you to save a certain amount in them, which may be vulnerable to attacks. Most online banking systems also require you to log your password on the website itself, making it open to security breaches. Thus, on online casinos, if you are a new player or simply checking out new websites and new games, Gpay is your best bet to keeping your data, and your money safe.

  • No payment gateway or transfer fees:

International payments are complicated. Since most of the online Casinos are registered foreign companies, making payments can often come with added taxes, transfer fees, and conversion rates that can easily eat into your wallet. GPay does not ask for any added fees for making international transfers since it is a payment method used extensively in multiple countries. But that is not to say that players and users do not have to pay up anything extra for international payments.  Since GPay uses Western Union or Wise to process international payments, there will be conversion rates applied and certain small taxes to pay. But unlike other gateways that also slap on a tax for simply using their wallet, GPay itself is free to use.

  • No extra verifications or documents

Payments gateways and wallets such as Neteller and Skrill require you to upload photo IDs, a recent picture, and many more added documents that make it a drag to use, especially if you are not a pro. Gpay simply uses your phone number that is connected to your bank account, and that is all! There is no KYC required to use your funds, no scanned photos or documents that you need to upload to a cloud, and you are ready to make payments anywhere. All you need is a bank account that accepts and facilitates international or intercontinental transactions. Most other forms of payments require you to go through a lengthy verification process that might even take days to complete and accept new users. Why go through all that when you could use Gpay?


  • Only deposits allowed

One of the few problems you may have while using Gpay is that it is not yet legal to use GPay for withdrawing betting money. Registered online google pay Casinos strictly cannot return your winning via GPay to Indians because there are rules against that. Other payment gateways require you to specify if a payment is made through a casino. If so, they do not allow the money to return to your Indian bank account. Those who play regularly generally use multiple wallets or gateways in order to circumvent this issue. Some simply save their winnings in international wallets to be used in later games. However, since Gpay transfers directly to banks, Indians cannot withdraw their money through this portal.

  • Not all casinos

Unfortunately, there are a lot of casinos that have yet to add GPay to their payment methods. Moreover, there are a bunch of casinos that do not offer welcome bonuses if your first deposit was made through Gpay, so always make sure to check the rules and regulations of each individual site.

  • No Crypto allowed

For those techies out there who keep up with newer forms of transactions and trades, and would like to use cryptocurrencies like BitCoin or Ethereum, GPay is not an option. As of yet, there is no way to either deposit or withdraw funds with digital currencies since GPay is linked directly to banks and debit cards. In fact, you cannot even use GPay at this time to buy cryptocurrencies. So if you are looking for digital currency options, you have no choice other than to create verified accounts in other gateways. However, some online casinos that accept google pay also do directly accept both Bitcoin and Ethereum as deposits. However, since Crypto still is a grey area in terms of laws, direct cryptocurrency transfers are rare, fairly tedious, and take a while since each transaction has to go through checks depending on the country.

How to use GPay to make a deposit at Online Casinos?

The first step would be to create a Gpay account if you don’t already have one. For creating an account, there are a couple of things you need Beyond a bank account and a smartphone. The sim card in the phone you are using for google should be the phone number linked with your bank. This is because GPay’s verification system includes sending an SMS to the registered number. Once you have that, simply enter your phone number, and wait for the SMS verification. Depending on your phone, you may have to manually enter the OTP sent to your number. After that, simply follow the onscreen instructions to link your bank with GPay. the process is more or less the same as the sign-in process.
Once you have an account; go to the cashier or banking section of the online casino where you want to make a deposit. Select UPI or Gpay, and in the next step enter your UPI ID that is displayed in the ‘payment method details’ page in Gpay. Gpay will show you a notification for how much you have to pay and if you look at the bottom of that page, you will see a ‘pay’ button. Click that, enter your UPI pin, and you are done! Casino deposits really cannot get easier than using Gpay.

Is it legal to use GPay for Online Gambling?

First off, betting and Gambling themselves are fairly grey areas in India. So casinos have certain rules regulating the use of GPay. One of the main regulations that creates an issue for players is the fact that you can only deposit funds onto online casino accounts but you cannot withdraw money that has been used in gambling and betting activities. So, using Gpay to deposit money onto certain websites is legal.

Another aspect to remember is that the whole payment process comes under fire if the website is registered in India. Even though India doesn’t yet have a centralized policy on betting, the general consensus allows players to bet only if the website is registered offshore, i.e. not in India. So make sure to check the registrations and copyrights before you deposit your money or start playing on a new site.

Which Casino sites offer the best Bonuses for GPay Deposits?

  • Betshah

Betshah is a fairly new addition to the world of casinos. It is a website that comes with a major gaming profile. It is a primarily sports betting website, with sports news right on the main page, so that you go into betting armed with everything you need to know for the upcoming games. The sign-up bonus offer is up to 27,000 INR depending on whether you choose sports betting or casino games. However, a rare find is the free spins they offer- meaning you can spin multiple times without actually having to pay anything. The casino games are all offered by top-tier licensed game providers. Moreover, there are also live casinos available where you can play with human dealers in real time.

For sports fans, Betshah has multiple games that you can bet on starting from the ever-popular football and cricket to the more selective golf and rugby. You have multiple views of the games and is even a great site for simply learning about certain sports and how they are played. This is the perfect website for sports enthusiasts since the live play-by-play is phenomenal and the wealth of information available is something any sports fan will benefit from, and not just for betting.

  • 10Cric

10Cric, as the name suggests, is primarily a sports betting website. The sports on offer are truly extensive where even the League of Legends makes an appearance. You of course have the more popular cricket, football, basketball, but you can choose to bet on games like Darts to horseracing as well.

However, the best part is their bonus offers. Not only do they offer a whopping 70,000INR as a welcome bonus, they also offer free spins, and up to 3000INR weekly bonuses as well! Plus, their match percentage knocks the ball out of the park. Their bonus offers you the exact amount that you deposit, thereby doubling your total worth. For example, if you deposit 2000INR, they offer the same amount to you, meaning your spending amount doubles to 4000INR.

  • Lucky Niki

For those obsessed with Anime, and Japanese culture Lucky Niki is the place to be. A japan themed casino, lucky Niki is chock full of games. The website offers jackpot games where you can win big, Table games like Roulette and blackjack with the option to play in hindi, and live casino games where you play with a real human dealer instead of playing against an AI mechanism.

The website offers a welcome bonus of up to 1lakh with a match percentage of 100% This means that whatever you deposit is given to you as the welcome bonus. So if you were to deposit 2000INR, the website would match that number and give it to you as your welcome bonus. The maximum they give is 1 lakh, which is a fairly high cap for online casinos. But perhaps more importantly; they also let new players have free spins. These free spins do not need you to bet your money but you can still win through it, therefore affording you what is essentially free money!

Most trusted GPay Casinos in India for the last 2 years

  • Casumo

Casumo is an online casino registered and licensed by the Government of Gibraltar, making it a highly trustworthy website. Having a government sanctioned website is no mean feat. It adds to their credibility and speaks highly of their practices. The website has on offers all kinds of games such as Roulette to Andar Bahar. The website is perfect for Indian players who want a trustworthy site that also offers multiple payment methods.

The welcome bonus is also not one to ignore as their match percentage, meaning the amount they give back to players upfront as the bonus is a whopping 150% What this means for you is that if you were to deposit 2000INR, the casino would actually give you 3000INR as your welcome bonus, allowing you to play games worth 5000INR.

All in all; Casumo is a simple, no-nonsense website where you can either search for your favorite games, play live; or spin to your heart’s glory to get the jackpot. Back by the ministry itself, this is a website that you can trust, even as a new player. However, do read the FAQs and make sure you have all your documents at hand. Since it is a government-backed website, withdrawals etc require documentation and verification checks for that extra layer of security. Even though it may seem tedious at first, it only adds to the authenticity of the website as it insists of going by the book.

  • 22Bet

This is one website that not only offers sports betting but widens the catalog to slots, jackpot, bingo, as well as Live casinos so that you can bet on games you like. A registered company (reg. In Cyprus),22bet truly shines in the sports betting section with a serious collection of sports to bet on. You can not only bet on classic sports but there are extensive options to bet on cybersports as well. Most other websites that offer such options usually have a meager collection but on 22Bet you can bet on everything from FIFA to angry birds. However, one of the most interesting parts of the site is that the website allows you to bet Live. What this means is that you don’t need to bet before a match or game starts. You can watch the game and bet anytime before the end of the game. This means you can actually bet on the team that looks it will win instead of randomly guessing it in the beginning, thereby increasing your likelihood of winning exponentially.

  • Betway

Betway is a website registered in Malta and licensed by the British gambling commission. Beyond its registration; what makes this sports betting site truly trustworthy is that they are official partners of the West Indies cricket team; and not just the men’s team either. They are also official bet partners for the women’s team as well. On top of that, they are official partners of brands and teams across multiple sports. Taking things a bit further, the website is also tied in with famous cricketers and analysts who have explainer videos and analytics to help players understand whatever sport they are betting on. Always remember to thoroughly study a sport. Sports betting can be addictive, but more importantly, there is a skill to the analysis of it. So if you are ready to take your passion to the next level, check out the website.

Betway also offers over 400 live casino games for those who are looking for a break from sports and matches. You can play many games with real people and human dealers, cutting-off machines and AI while adding another layer of authenticity to the games.

The welcome bonus is fairly lucrative as well with the bonus going up to 60,000INR.

Alternatives to Google Pay for UPI Deposits at Online Casino

  • Paytm (most popular)

If for whatever reason, you cannot use Gpay for UPI, the most popular alternative is the e-wallet PayTm. You can use debit, credit cards, UPI, and other modes of payment with PayTm to deposit money at Casinos. You can also use PayTm at certain websites to make withdrawals as well. The process however is a little longer as the e-wallet asks for a KYC verification before you can make even the simplest of payments.

  • Phonepay

Withdrawal with Google Pay – Not possible, Why?

On the GPay website, they mention that users cannot use GPay for gambling purposes, especially at unregulated casinos. This means that the money that is coming to users as a consequence of gambling or betting will be termed gambling money and therefore cannot be returned to the user through GPay. Deposits are legal since the money is simply being sent to a 3rd party merchant and hasn’t yet been used to gamble or bet with.


Do online Casinos accept google pay?

There are some Online Casinos that cater to Indian players and accept Gpay as a mode of payment.

What are the transaction charges of using Gpay?

GPay itself does not ask for any transaction charges, however, you may have to pay other companies such as Western Union when making international payments.

Can I claim a good deposit bonus with Gpay?

Depending on the website, yes, it is absolutely possible to claim a great sign-in offer.

Which Casino Offers the best Google Pay Deposit Bonus?

Lucky Niki is giving some of the best deposit or welcome bonus for those paying with Google Pay.

Is Casino Withdrawal possible with Google Pay?

Due to the laws set up, at this time; using Google Pay to withdraw your casino winnings is impossible.